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Name: Cmore Trix
Style: Progressive House, Tech House and Techno.

Cmore has been releasing a steady catalogue of tracks on labels like Elite, Soulshift and Fairlads Digital.  He connected with Ian over the internet and this has already seen one collaboration when Ian remixed Cmores We All Have Little Secrets track in 2010 for Soulshift.

When Pret were looking for artists to sign Cmore had created the You Say Water I say Home EP and we fell in love with it.

We expect big things from this guy over the next year or so - keep your eyes peeled for follow up releases!

-You Say Water I Say Home EP - Pret A Ecouter Music
-Head Drops Like A Stone - Soulshift
-We All Have Little Secrets - Soulshift
-Lucky Cat EP - Fairlads Digital


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Cmore Trix


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