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Name: Deep Troubles
Style: Deep House

Deep troubles was born from an encounter between two musical friends Florian and Jerome.  Both of them evolved along the capital city Paris' underground electro scene, from the Rex Club to the Pulp and the Batofar, they decided during a live performance to form a duo, to open up to new artists, places and sounds to maintain the effervesence of that ever renewing scene.

Usinf a clever mix of influences and different but complementary musical cultures, Deeptroubles is inspired by the founding currents of electroic musicthat they revisit with their own personal deep touch.  The result is deep music with intoxicating rhythms, warm bass lines with a groove that brings a powerful delicacy to the chords.

Guitar and bass player by training, Florian started developing a fondness for digital effects which he added to the sounds of his instruments, for his former band (Backdoor Strangers).

After a journey to LA he returned to Paris often frequenting the Rex Club in search of a fresh breath of musical creativity.  Influences like Kraftwerk, Nathan Fake, Ritchie Hawtin and John Tejada redefined his universe in a digital era.

Music fiend Jerome spent most of his teenage years in Paris's clubs listening to the sets of Laurent Garnier, Agoria, D'Julz, Jerome Pacman, Silicone Soul, Jeff Mills and Ricardo Villalobos.

Amazed by the effect those dancefloor gurus would provoke, he turned to mixing, playing house/techno sets in clubs and bars all over the city.

He started to feel the desire to compose his own tracks and to see how the public would react.

Florient and Jerome complete each other very logically, always searching for novel sounds on the path shown by the fathers of deep techno.  They express their emotions genuinely and spontaneously during bewitching live sets.

Deep Troubles - Shadows (Dement3d Records) playlisted by Master H

Deep Troubles - Two Minds EP (Badaboom Reordings)

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Deep Troubles


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