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Name: Paul Barry
Style: Deep House, Funky House, Tech House.

Paul Barry aka Paulo Bernacchia was born in 1972 in Porto San Giorgio, a little city in the centre of the Italian Adriatic coast.  From an early age, Paulo developed a love for music.  His father a musician taught him to play the piano when he was just eight years old.  His fathers extensive collection of synthesizers generated Paulo's love for sound design and synthetic sounds.

In 1986 Paulo launched a dark rock band called Sextons playing keyboards.  As house music took hold of the world in 1988 he took an interest in the early scene.  He learned to produce house music with DJ MBG and through this partnership developed his skills in mixing and commenced his DJ career.

By 1991 Paul Barry began wprk as a DJ at The Champagne Club in Rimini and released "The Gates of Heaven" on Flying Records.  He also went on to be resident DJ for Rock O'ko in Rimini.

Between 92 and 98 he took a break from house music working with numerous bands under the new artist name "Lord of Crows" (Domus, Inseminators and Alta Pressione Acid Jazz)

In 2001 he returned to house music with a more techno influence playing with DJ Pech, Ronny DJ and Breviglieri DJ while developing his skills in sequencing, sampling and laptops.  He had the opportunity to playatmany Italian clubs including Cenerentola (Modena), Mamamia (Senigallia), Flexus Hi Club (Porto San Giorgio), Galeone (Passetto D'ancona), Spirity (Capri) and BB Disco Dinner (Cupra Marittima).

In 2003 he moved to London and soon collaborated with Femy B DJ and Cosmo DJ.  By 2004 his reputatiom was growing and he had played in many prestigious London Clubs (Nama Bar, 93 Feat East).  He also achieved a sound engineering and music technology qualification and in 2007 formed Kinetic Groove wirh Stafan Cordery and Ben Hoo, playing Russian Bar, Factory, Cosmo Bar and Kensington Bar and Kitchen.

In 2009 Paulo went back to his original name Paul Barry ad met his co producer David Berger, a progressive house DJ.  They played many London clubs together inluding "Recreation" and "Made in Brasil".

Paul Barry started his own music project in 2010 supprted by labels like Flat 7, Tanztone (and now Pret A Ecouter)! as well as playing clubs all over London.
Selected Discography

-No Money For Romance - Pret A Ecouter (Forthcoming)
-The Question - Pret A Ecouter (Forthcoming)
-House Music Will Never Die - Tanztone
-Let's Groove This Party - Tanztone
-The First Time - Tanztone
-You Don't Want My Love - Paul Barry Productions

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Paul Barry

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